Not so Fast!

Well Juan and I had a very nice day on the bay on Saturday. The fishing was very tough. I think because of the windy weather. We were able to catch ab

out ten spotties and some croakers all on the fly.

Sunday Sharking!

Sunday was a beautiful day on the big pond. We had a little bit of wind but we managed six good size blues with the biggest going about 100 pounds. i had a good friend Chad out on the boat with his brother and friend they called muscles. Good job on the ropin guys you picked it up fast!

Shark update!

I had another great¬† day on Saturday.¬† We went out for a half day to go get some sharks. I was a little worried that we wouldn’t have enough time but the fish came in early and we hammered them. i can’t say it enough This is the best and most consistent big fish fishery that we have in our local waters!

Great San Diego Bay Day with a Great Family

I had a great time on the water today with the Toon family. We managed to catch a few spotties mixed in were a few tangles and dad being hooked in the elbow. You know how it is with the young ones they just get so excited! Then we moved out to the bait barge where we were entertained by the Sea Lions, Birds and some Mackerel. You couldn’t beat the weather today, perfect temp with some nice sunshine.