Day in the kelp

Had another good day in the point loma kelp with Ron and his son Aaron. Aaron was the man with a huge lingcod for the area. However Ron wasn’t going to be outdone with a great sandbass.  We were planning on patty hopping but I had a little fuel filter clog. Thank god for the inshore fishery to that saved the day! We also caught a few nice Calicos to round off the day. Big fish all caught and released!

My wife and friends

How about a day with my beautiful wife her two beautiful girlfriends Jenni and Sarah and their two studs Brian and Suffie. I wish everyday on the water was a fun day with friends. It’s not always like this!

San Diego Bay with the Boys

Carson, Andrew, Nathaniel, Steve and Sally what a great time I had helping the kids get into some fish.  I was proud to have Nathaniel catch his first fish on my boat. I hope he keeps it up and finds a passion for the sport because it will always keep you outdoors! I really see my self in the young ones I take out fishing I think it makes me feel like a kid again which I love. I can’t wait to start teaching my son Fisher to catch fish!

San Diego Bay with Steve and Jake

Steve Jake and I decided to run out to the Point Loma kelp to try and get some Calicos. The water just around the point was still a little cold so we just gave it about an hour just to see if anything was happening. We didn’t hear much on the radio and we weren’t doing any good so we decided to get back into the bay and go for the sure thing. This trip was for Jake anyway and we needed to get him into some action. as soon as we got to the flat just below the bridge we started nailing spotties. the fish weren’t huge but Jake was stoked! We moved around some more, catching fish at all the stops. Our last spot is a great Sand Bass  hole where we wanted to try and get a heftier fish and Jake did just that! Thanks again guys for a great day on the water.

Perfect for the little ones!

You just can’t beat the big bay for the kids. There is plenty of action to keep them interested and it’s an easy half day. The bay always has a lot of military activity to check out as well all in all it’s a great experience for everyone.