Father and Son

Last week went off with Yellowfin down by the Coranados. I had Brian Regan(prez) on the boat with his someday father in law. We had a blast running and gunning as well as trolling for these fish. we ended up with ten and easily could have had ten more if we wanted.

The Boys Trip

Well we gave it our all today just couldn’t get the Yellowfin or Yellowtail to take anything. However when forcefed the steel shaft they took the bait! Not the best shot but we didn’t starve.

Wright away

Had another great day with the Wright family on the bay. My wife Ashlee is their nanny. It’s so nice to be able to have great times with your wifes boss!

Yosemite with the guys.

I had a grteat time with my great friends Jeff, Mark and Andy here are some photos.

Bachelor party!!

Had a great day today with four boats and fourteen guys on a bachelor party trip. The sharks and Bonito were everywhere with this video taking the cake!

here’s another