Beach Trip

I had a pretty good beach trip today but boy was it cold. I got up at 6 and it was 43 degrees. I felt sorry¬† for my clients who just did not know how it was going to be. They thought hey it’s San Diego it’ll be hot and nice, nope! I tried to warn them last night but I guess it didn’t stick. Anyway we ended up with about ten nice opal eye Perch and three barred Perch. Once the sun got on us we were just fine.

Great Day!

I had a great day today with what I call A-list clients. Paul and Aaron were the perfect customers. They came out for the Monday night game and wanted to do some fishing. I took them to La Jolla in the am for some Bonito action and we ended up with one nice one for shark chum. We had two or three others on but they came undone. One of the Bonies even stole a whole flyline (Paul). We took off to go look for some sharks and set up in a spot that looked great. After two and a half hours I asked what they wanted to do and they both agreed not to leave the chum slick. The A-list clients made the right call! We had two small Makos show up that were just playing with each other and wouldn’t go. Then mama showed up, A nice 90 pound mako and did this for Paul!¬† Go Chargers!

Foggy day on the bay

I had a very interesting day on the bay today. It was foggy the whole trip with about a 1/4 mile vis at times. A little spooky in spots. we did manage to get into some good fishing with plenty of Spotties and a bonefish. It was a great first day of the season in the bay!