Huge Bay Day

I had a father and two sons out on the bay today and we crushed the spotties. I lost count but we had to have had about 70 fish and some big ones to!

Sharks All Over

I took out a family of four yesterday and we got into the Blue sharks big time! We went 11 for 11 on the Blues from 20 to 100 pounds. We also chummed up two small 20 pound Makos which is interesting this time of year. I think we are getting into an El Nino season, this summer could be really good.

Kelly galloup

We have Kelly Galloup coming into town on January 13th from 5 to 9 P.M. Kelly will be signing books and dvd’s as well as tying flies. after the meet and greet he will be giving a seminar on streamer fishing for trophy trout. This seminar is a must see for anyone who wants to catch the trout of a lifetime. The cost for the seminar is $15 and is well worth it for all the knowledge Kelly has to give. You can call the shop or just come in for details and to pay. We will also be having a big raffle with plenty of great items. The raffle tickets are five dollars each. we hope to have a great turn out as Kelly is truly a living legend and a great guy.