San Diego Fly Fishers go sharking

I haven’t fished in two weeks and was a little worried about the weather that had just passed and what the conditions might be like out there. Well to say the least we lucked out on the weather and on the fishing. The water in close to shore was very green with all the rain we have had, but as you got about six miles from the beach things really cleaned up. We ended up with eight Blue sharks averaging about fourty pounds with a couple pushing eighty. After being worried about not finding fish because non of us sharkies had been out in so long. It just goes to show you how many sharks are out there and what a great resource we have right here in our backyard. Oh by the way it was sixty five degrees with a three foot west swell and at most ten knots of wind. What a day, thanks to heidi, Art, Gary and Gary from San Diego Fly Fishers our local fly fishing club for a great day! Photos to come.

Winter Shark trips a Blast

This winter has been amazing for shark fishing off the coast of Southern California. San Diego in particular is on fire with large blue sharks and the occasional small Mako that are still around this deep into the winter. The fishing has been so consistent that i have not had a trip with less than two sharks and the trips are averaging five fish from 50 to 100 pounds! Did i mention the weather her in San Diego. I really think that our winter weather although a little cooler is better than in the summer at least for fishing offshore.

December and January Sharking

Wow I had some great shark fishing in the last week! you can’t beat the winter weather in So Cal or the fishing for big Blue sharks and the occasional Mako. I love the winter out here because of the lack of crowds and peaceful nature of the ocean on the calm cool days with the sun keeping you perfectly warm.I had some great young ones on the boat that were fired up to just see the sharks all around the boat let alone catch a bunch. you have to experience this fishing in San Diego if you haven’t yet. If there is a bunch of snow on the ground outside your door than get down here to warm up and get into some great fishing while your at it.