Sharks and Bay

The shark fishing is still great in between the weather systems! We have been catching Blues up to 150 pounds that put up a great fight. With nothing else around during the winter that can rival the sharks you just have to try it! Don’t forget about he bays either. The winter is when a lot of the fish that you catch on the beaches in the summer move into the bays to escape the rough conditions. The bays have been fishing great this winter give me a call and lets go hit it up!

Another chilly winters day

Right! Not so chilly after all and the shark fishing is still on fire. I had Doug on the boat Tuesday where we found perfect conditions and three great blue sharks of good size. I had a blast enjoying Doug’s stories about being on the road with no real plans on where or when he’s going to go. I have to admit i was a little jealous it sounds pretty fun. Thanks again Doug and keep sending your reports from the road.