Big Bite!

The fishing has been great over the last week. The weather hasn’t cooperated with a lot of wind but in between those wind events its been great. There are still a ton of Yellowtail around with great catches of Barricuda and Bass mixed in. Get out there on the nice days to take advantage.

They’re Back!

The Makos have arrived! There back in San Diego to bite our flies and give us aerial  displays. The kelp was great over the weekend as well with a great Barracuda bite with some Yellowtail and White Sea Bass mixed in. We hammered the Barracuda in La Jolla on Sunday. it was a blast on Eight weights.

Last Weeks Fishing

I had a couple nice trips last week. The Barracuda are still around and biting pretty well and so are the Calicos deep in the kelp. My clients had two Yellowtail on the iron and many other shots. When the weather lays down its been great from 12 to 6 in the evening. I also saw quite a few White Sea Bass in the kelp while fishing for Bass. We¬† just didn’t have the right gear ready and we weren’ t in the right position but it’s always great to see.

La Jolla

Fished the kelp yesterday and it has rolled over and dropped by 4 degrees overnight. It shut down pretty good from last week. give it a couple of days before getting out there everything is very unstable out there including the wind. Hopefully the next few days will settle everything down and well see the bite come back again. I also went on a trip out to lake Dixon on Friday and had a blast! we didn’t catch a thing because the water was so clear they just wouldn’t eat the fly. We could however see the bass on their beds and the trout cruising around it was like an aquarium, unreal.