Southern Cali Sharkin

I had a great trip with The Chapman clan on Sunday. We ended up with four Makos caught and released plus two more that we jumped and then they got away. The fish are really active and starting to jump very frequently. Thanks to Dick, Cole and Jake for such a great time!

More More More

I just love those days I have with great people on the boat a good amount of action and cooperation from the sharks! This day was just that sort of day.

Last Few Days of Fishing

The last week of fishing was again great. I had many makos to the boat off of San Diego. A great day catching Halibut, Bass, Yellowfin Croaker and Barricuda in Mission Bay. La Jolla and Imperial Beach areas were great for Cuda, Bass and the occasional Yellowtail. The fishing is great right now lets go!

Makos, Yellows, Cuda and Bass

Another great week in San Diego’s saltwater. The mako sharks have been a little spread out for big numbers but the weather is starting to mellow out and we should be able to pinpoint there locations easier. Yellowtail in La Jolla south of Point Loma and at the coronado islands have been biting very well with some big ones in the mix. Barricuda are everywhere up and down the coast with a lot of calico bass in tight to the kelp lines. Find the cleaner water away from the red tide and you will be into the feeding areas.

Another El Nino Week

Wow the fishing just gets better and better. This last week the Yellows and Barracuda fill in nicely in the I.B. area by the border.  It’s looking like a record year with the tuna getting closer and of course the sharks that have now shown up in big numbers. We fisherman are stoked at the prospect of a long, enjoyable and consistent year.