Great Day on Mission Bay

We had a great day today on Mission Bay. Lots of Spotties, Croaker, and Sandies. Thanks to Charlie and his dad Bill.

What a day

I had a great day with a good friend DJ. We went out to La Jolla and we were all alone. It was amazingly quiet. we looked around for a while and had nothing going on. We checked the north side and seemed to have more life in the south so we stayed there. Glad we did because after about five minutes the outside edge of the kelp erupted with mostly Yellows and some cuda mixed in. We had a blast catching for about two hours, chasing schools all over the place with hardly a boat in sight. One of the best days i have had in a long time. Thanks DJ for a great day!

Trip Sharing

let us know if you are interested in sharing a trip with others and we will put you into our database for shared fishing trips. This is a good way to share the cost and get out fishing.