another great week

The fishing in San Diego is just getting better and better! We have Mako sharks all over the place I had ten makos in two shark trips this week. Lots of Barracuda as well with the Calico bass biting well in the kelp. The weather has been amazing and warm getting the water temps up into the 70’s. The Tuna are starting to heat up and it’s looking like a good year for Dorado and Yellow fin offshore on patties. The bay fishing has been great as well with the warm temps all the bass are eating everyday to keep up with their growing season.

Great Day!

Another great day today with two big Makos around 150 pounds each. They jumped around alot! This warm water in San Diego has the fish eating every day making for great fishing.

Southern Cali Sharkin

What a day yesterday off the coast of San Diego. We started out with the sighting of a finning Mako that we tried to Catch by sneaking up to it and casting in front of it but it spooked. I decided to stop the boat just about a half mile from the sighting. Within about an hour we had a nice 130 pounder show that gave a great performance of strength. We then caught a nice healthy 40 or 50 pounder that jumped and pulled hard. After that it was kinda slow for a few hours. The last two hours we landed two more nice fish and jumped a couple others that came undone. The fishing is unreal right now with The water temps hovering around 70 degrees all the usual pelagic fish are either here or on the way. Yellowtail are here along with Barracuda and Bass whitch are everywhere, Sharks are here in huge numbers and the tuna are not to far to the south. They could be here tomorrow at this rate. I hope everyone has a great Fourth of July and be safe!