Bass and Yellowtail fishing is going off!

13   yellows

I have had a few trips in the last two weeks that have been great to say the least! last week we got two Yellowtail in La Jolla that went 20 and 25 pounds. You just can’t beat Yellows pound for pound. The Calico bass fishing has been nothing short of incredible with big bass slamming the plastics we have been fishing. We are having consistent 40 to 60 fish days in the kelp. The weather has settled into calm and comfortable conditions and doesnt look like it will change anytime soon. Don’t forget about the shark fishing. We have Makos all over the place right now. Last week we found an area of big fish with a lot of 200 pounders in the water. If you want the experience of a lifetime and to pull on some big fish the time is now!